Labrika ru – a nice online service for website audit

Thanks to my prospective client I encounter a nice online service for website audit. It is called Labrica.

It allows the following features:

  • to figure out website ranking in a certain target region (I tried Google in London)
  • versatile technical audit by 15 points (I discovered a severe HTML error in TYPO3-based website)
  • SEO audit by 16 points (mostly useless in terms in regard of content though aimed at Russian websites though)
  • analysis of users’ behaviour
  • analysis of sucessful competitors
  • internal links

Technical supports works quite promptly. They explained me what is the severe HTML error I mention above because he format of report was hardly readable.

Trial tariff includes 2000 pages for analysis and 100 keywords. The most popular tariff is called E-commerce and includes 5k keywords and 20k pages and costs less than $10 per month.

Labrica is available in Russian only and looks like targeted at Yandex-ranked websites.

I plan to introduce more SEO-related Russian online tools I use (most of them are free of charge).

Labrica website technical audit area
website technical audit area @ Labrica ru

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