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The primary source of keyword traffic for me always was Adwords keyword planner. Some time ago, even before Adwords was rebranded in Ads, it worked quite well. Even without running the actual Adwords campaign. Nowadays it doesn’t. One should use some online SEO tool to obtain the key SEO stats.

Topvisor com is one of these tools. Though it’s primarily a Russian tool fortunately it is packed with English interface. More than that if you sign up for a trial as English user it offers $ 1 balance while charging by Russian rubles! Say checking 100 keywords traffic would cost as little as $ 0,05.

Topvisor also allows to check Google ranking, obtain SERP snapshots (of great help to find out more about the successful competitors), generate XML sitemaps etc. No special tariffs, just a current balance. Additionally you can transfer XML limits granted by Yandex webmaster according to websites you submitted to it. See more details at Topvisor config_xml page.

There is a number of similar tools on the web. The crucial points is the speed and regional limitations. Say allpositions ru don’t allow to check traffic by a province or a town though works as fast as Topvisor. They charge 3 times more than Topvisor but I use it almost free because of Yandex webmaster XML limits.

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PS I use Topvisor more and more and even upload actual f.unds. There are a handful of reasons why.

0. It allows to collect data for mapping pages against keywords using request. This is especially valuable when analyzing top10 competitors!
1. It works faster than allpositions when collecting out Ggl traffic stats
2. It provides SERP’s for certain region(s) – though Russian and English mirrors do it in a different way (some regions are unavailable in English interface)
3. It make more sense to use the single acnt not wasting time for creating the old projects anew
In one word Topvisor is highly recommended for anyone at least a bit deep inside SEO!

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