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allpositions - website ranking tool

To achieve success that’s not enough to get a client’s website ranked in the top. An SEO professional should prove it. The most often practice is to use an online tool that monitor website ranking in a certain search engine by a target region(s). I would recommend allpositions ru.

The project settings include website URL, target region (sorry, only countries available for Google) and traffic stats source – Google or Yandex plus the frequency of check. Upon adding a project the check is starting automatically. 30-50 words usually take a few minutes.

Results can be saved as Xml or CSV. Dynamics of ranking is also displayed as 3 types of charts – visibility/visits, keywords in top and traffic/positions. Overall stats includes the following data:

  • visibility
  • keywords in top3/10/30
  • ranking improved/declined

Allpositions charge 10 kopecks (1/10 ruble) per checking 1 keyword which is $ 0.7 per 100 words. What is great is Yandex webmaster can add Yandex XML limits and turn the tool into a free one. And yes! Allpositions is available in Russian only.

allpositions website ranking data
website ranking data @allpositions ru

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