Megaindex linkAnalyze – online tool for backlink audit

megaindex seo tools for ranking your website

I have some more useful SEO tools to share. Today I introduce Megaindex linkAnalyze allowing to extract website backlinks.
Spoiler! The free version of tool is available in Russian only. The Lite version costs $ 49 per month.

Megaindex linkAnalyze provides the following results:

  • donor URL
  • anchor text
  • number of outgoing links at donor page
  • occurrences of anchor text
  • HostRank (megaindex-invented metric similar to PageRank targeted at backlinks)
  • LinkRank (again, megaindex-invented metric based on the most trusted domains)
  • donor Yandex ISQ (index of website quality also known as ИКС) – oops, no Google PageRank!
  • the date of last check

Also it displays the glued domains and links to subdomain(s). Calculation of anchor text by type is available also (bigrams, trigrams, words). The resulted data can be saved as CSV file (unfortunately it works for the 1st 1k links only – the rest should be retrieved manually with shuffling columns a bit).

Though SEMRush provides more backlinks as a rule, the difference is not substantial, sometimes it is as little as 10-15%. So my choice is Megaindex linkAnalyze!

megaindex linkanalyze SEO tools
1st screen
megaindex linkanalyze SEO tools 2nd screen
2nd screen

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