Slovojob – a great software for getting Yandex traffic stats.

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As you may know it’s not easy to obtain exact Google traffic stats by a keyword. Fortunately as for Yandex it is much more easier. The process is quite similar to Google Ads, though Yandex advertisement platform called Direсt (Директ) – that is where traffic stats gathered. One of the best tools allowing to collect Yandex Direсt data is called KeyCollector. It’s free version called SlovoJob.

One and only thing you need to use SlovoJob is Yandex Direkt account. Thanks to Yandex Direct have the English interface it will be easy to register and authorize. You enter login/password at Slovojob settings, specify the target region and keywords and click Собрать частотности (collect traffic data). In about 2 minutes you will see traffic stats for 100 keywords. It can be saved as CSV file.

Besides traffic data SlovoJob is able to retrieve search tips, related queries, seasonal fluctuations, KEI and even website ranking (though the latter may not work and your IP address may be blocked by search engine for some time). To make the process faster you may need an account at some anti-kaptcha online service like antigate, also some parsing setting may be tweaked.

By the way СловоЁб – that is f*** word in Russian. And KeyCollector the 1st year license costs 1800 rubles (around $ 22 by today’s exchange rate). Finally, SlovoJob is available in Russian only.

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