Xenu linkSleuth – software tool to scan a website

xenu link sleuth - software for scanning websites pages

The very 1st thing to do when assessing a website is to retrieve the the list of its pages with appropriate meta data (title and description). The simplest tool for scanning a website is called Xenu linkSleuth and thanks to its author Tilman Hausherr its free!

Initial aim of Xenu is to retrieve internal links and discover broken links (also known as 404 error). The broken links is one of the severe errors that have influence on website ranking. Besides broken links you can collect internal incoming/outgoing links for each URL. But for me as SEO professional the most valued info is the very pages, starting with its URL’s and ending with meta data. In a simple spreadsheet you get the whole website structure including the blog.

You may pause or even stop scanning (the tool is quite a resource consuming and can use up to 50% of CPU resources). The results can be exported in TAB separated files and thus easily converted in spreadsheet format. Besides that you can generate XML sitemap with monthly changefreq and 0.8 priority by default.

Xenu is integrated with Internet Explorer and may use its cookies – it may be useful to scan website’s user area or a certain regional mirror or website. Another useful setting is the number of scanning threads – be careful with that when checking a slow website or if your internet connection is weak!

xenu link sleuth results screen - website URL's, links and metas

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