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Despite its scary name the tool provides Google organic traffic stats for a website. It covers 10 largest regions – USA, UK, France, Germany, Canada, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Australia and my motherland Russia. Oops, kaptcha must be entered…

So the time scale expanded from August 2015 until the previous month, the data is displayed as a typical chart with green dot showing month+traffic data on mouse over. So you can easily see is what your website performance about – declining, improving or stable. If a website is targeted at several regions you would need to collect data for each month manually and prepare your own chart based on combined traffic stats. Not so simple/easy but really useful!

As for website penalty it is determined according to organic traffic drop after Google algorithm update. Originally the tool was designed for Penguin/Panda updates and mobile friendliness back in 2015-16 the authors implemented all the latest updates including June 2019 and Jan. 2020 Core Updates. Penguin/Panda updates and mobile friendliness are in its own color each, the updates after Feb. 2018 is in purple color. Sadly May 2020 Core Update is still missing.

The chart can be imported in PNG file without extension. Except the tool FE International shares the major SEO news in their blog, especially related to Google and other major players.

FEI tool organic traffic data

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