searchMetrics essentials – a tool to determine by which keywords website is ranked

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It’s essential to find out by which keyword a website is Google ranked currently. Every website owner wants more target users fast so the simplest/fastest way to enhance website ranked by keywords already ranked – the higher the better.

The website ranking can be viewed in 2 modes – Organic visibility (not so relevant name) updated weekly and Long tail (more keywords, deeper analysis). Long tail mode currently is available for unauthorized users only. You may chose a ranking region from 4 major and 25 less important countries. Free tariff gives you only 10 keywords – not so much but better than nothing.

The table consists of 6 columns:

  • keyword
  • URL (ranked page)
  • Pos.(ition)
  • Traffic index (real organic traffic stats)
  • Search volume (quite far from Ads Keyword planner stats, I use to verify it before sending to a client)
  • (the cost of) CPC

You may just mark it and paste in OpenOffice spreadsheet.

The tool is available in 3 languages except English (German, French and Spanish). Unfortunately, long tail view contained more data became unavailable at free tariffs not long ago. Currently they convert the suite into the new format and I’m almost sure they are willing to cut even this tiny piece of free data.

website ranking screen

PS As of today SearchMetrics as I knew it completely gone as if with the wind. I do not use it anymore. The whole procedure got a bit more sophisticated but still more interesting – getting keyword ideas using Google Ads Keyword Planner and figuring out does a website ranked by any suggested keyword using allpositions ru, For 90% of cases it works good!

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