Advego Plagiatus – a software to check your website content uniqueness

advego plagiatus to check your website content uniqueness

The primary source of website strength is its content. And the most important feature of content is its uniqueness. How to make sure your own diligently written content is not duplicate another web page occasionally? That is what Advego Plagiatus about!

Obviously copy-paste by purpose is not typical for a passionate website owner.. If you copy-paste content from another site (or within the same site) – it will diminish your chances to get ranked in Google top. The same is true for duplicated content across the same website. Say, if you create several categories and associate the same product with each one.

Well, to check a piece of brand new content, just copy-paste it into the main window and specify which search engine(s) should be used for a check, usually Google is quite enough (though the more characters the faster it will block you Plagiatus). That is all, click at flag icon and wait. To escape manual entering of captcha, you’d better specify Antigate key.

When the check is completed, a window with numerical values of uniqueness will be displayed – say, поиск по фразам 87% (actual uniqueness – marked in yellow), поиск по словам 31% (just complimentary info – marked in blue). Close the windows and take a look at the lower part of the main window which is filled with numerical values and URL’s (by the way delimiter between the lower and upper parts is movable). The more the 1st value the more content is duplicated at the page specified. Say, for my piece of text it was with 4% of duplication.

The more unique is a piece of the content the better but it make no sense to chase 100%. Usually 70-80% is quite enough. I use this obsolete version of Advego Plagiatus (though they released the brand new 3.0.10 in Nov. 2018) because it’s quick and simple which is quite enough for my SEO work. And yes – if you need to check existing content, specify the domain at which it is published at игнорировать домены field.

A few backside points.
0. It’s more convenient to see the very pieces of text duplicated at online uniqueness checker tool called text ru.
1. If your content is duplicated it does not mean it’s you who copy-paste it, possibly vice versa.
2. Protect your content forbidding right-click/copy-paste via tools like WP Protect Content plugin.
3. Duplicating content at social networks do not influence on Google ranking as my experience shows.
4. Except Google, Yandex, Bing and Yahoo are available.
5. I suppose you already guess Advego Plagiatus is available in Russian only. But it’s completely free.

advego plagiatus main screen - website content uniqueness data

PS As of today I prefer to use Free online plagiarism checker by text ru (happily available in English for anyone without registration). It works much faster because of no blocks and provides the same features. Though your text is placed in the queue (up to 80 items long sometimes when European part of Russia is awakes) it usually takes a few minutes to check your text no matter how long it is. The last but not least is you can share a check with your colleague, a client or a copy writer whether the one is registered at 1text com or not!

PPS They charge as little as 195 rubles per 300k characters!

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