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It’s obvious the value of website consists of two parts – the content and backlinks from another sites. The value of backlinks is embodied in a metric known as domain authority. The more is your domain authority the higher your website will be ranked on Google.

It’s useful to measure your domain authority from time to time as well as competitors’ – at least to comprehend how far you are from the top, or vice versa. there are much online domain authority checkers but the most of them allow to check only one URL at once. That’s not convenient when comparing. Bulk checkers are few and one of the best of them is bulk DA checker by SEO ReviewTools.

It allows to check 10 URL’s at once and if you register no annoying captcha will be displayed. Though you will see a pseudo-informative quick facts while checker is working, like top3 Google ranked websites gather 65% of all traffic. The results are shown in a form of table with PA (page authority – equivalent of DA within a website), DA and quantity of backlinks. You may export the data in CSV file.

A bit about how bulk DA checker would help to improve website structure. It’s notoriously the ideal website is structured like a tree where each little branch pass its value to a bit more branch and so on. If you check DA of a root URL its PA will be much more than DA – just because of a tree structure. But if you check a web store categories and sub-categories they would hardly have appropriate PA’s – that is where the improvement is hidden. Ideally root URL page authority is say 15, category is 8 while sub-category is 4.

Recently I’ve seen a website with root URL’s PA as low as zero – the 1st time in my life. This is really weird…

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