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When your website is ranked in Google top20 you need to be very careful to get into the Top10. The higher is website position the more attention Google pay to a website. My experience shows a dozen of links (or so – depends on keyword traffic+competitiveness) may help to get through. That is where Sape is especially helpful.

Sape is a backlink marketplace allowing to publish links to your website at specific domains for a monthly fee. Sape offers several types of links – regular, context, in articles, crowd, SM etc. And what is exceptional for this Russian service – it features the English interface combined with English-speaking support. At least as they say – I never communicate with their support in English.

English-speaking SEO professionals are sure links purchased at Sape will inevitably get your website under Google penalty. I work with this service more than 5 years and none of my websites was punished. Maybe that is because I never buy more than 40 links per month… I do not know! Spam is always spam and Google is able to detect it everywhere.

Well, the 1st thing you should do is to specify anchor texts – I use to gather it from Google search tips, add domain name and non anchor ones (like read more about target keyword). You can specify how often this or that anchor will be used across the campaign. The 2nd thing is to select donor pages/domains. These must be Google indexed and belong to your website niche. Though Sape pretend to filter those not indexed actually it doesn’t. You’d better check yourself using some 3rd party SEO online tool like Linkbox. The 3rd and the most important point is to check if a link indexed by Google (allow 1-2 weeks for indexing). Some time ago I used the Mozilla plugin called SAPE webmaster but as for today it does not work.

That is all. Sape database of English sites is not so big (as for articles’ websites it contains around 100 donors but they are exceptionally affordable – just from a few rubles per month). As for crowd and SM links there are no English donors for them.

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