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Google bots are crawling the world wide web without a break. By the moment you publish the 2nd post in your newly established blog they already enter your website URL in Google index. The rest is up to compliance of your website to Google criteria which is reflected in Google Search Console (shortly GSC). By “the rest” I mean your site ranking in Google search.

Google validate a website by some key indicators:

  • speed (freshly called core web vitals)
  • mobile usability
  • breadcrumbs
  • schema rules compatibility
  • duplicating, quality and so on.

Some pages may be valid and they enjoy staying in Google index while others may not and Google exclude them from indexing. The less pages are indexed the less is your website performance (and chances to get ranked high).

Besides these compatibility data GSC tell you which links to your website are valued (and thus indexed by Google). More than this, you will be able to disavow ‘wrong’/spammy links built by a novice SEO guy if you take a chance to hire him.

The indexation tools built-in a website are robots.txt and sitemap.xml but sometimes they are missing. In this case Google mirror of your website may be quite different from a real picture. Typing in Google search string would show you that mirror. Anyway I would recommend to submit your website sitemap to GSC and use a standard WordPress robots txt at your site.

What every website owners dreams of is to get all website pages in Google index. The larger a website the more colorful the dream would look. The result is not only the higher ranking but also the pages which are more relevant to the target keywords. How to achieve it? Quality, uniqueness and relevant backlinks – again!

Besides indicating problems, GSC would bring you some joy using website performance data – impressions in search results, clicks, CTR and positions by specific keyword. Search results may be filtered by its source – web, image, video, news. Also one can filter by country. device (mobile, desktop or tablet) and by a specific date. And yes! the both problem and joyful data can be exported in Google Sheets, Excel or CSV.

And oops, Google Search Console do not offer any support options. Finally, Yandex features its own Webmaster Tools.

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