LinkBox – online tool checking if a link at a donor page is indexed by Google

linkbox - a tool for checking is nk indexed by Google

Links from another websites play very important role in ranking your website at Google top. The key point is does a donor page indexed by Google and if so is a very link to your website indexed by Google. Some links are indexed on the fly and you can see them in Google Search Console, Links section. For some links it would take weeks to get indexed and some may be not indexed at all. Linkbox is a tool allowing you to determine if a backlink to your website is indexed by Google – in another words will it improve your website ranking or not.

The tool have 2 primary options – checking indexation of donor page and checking links’ indexation. Initially you upload the list of donor pages as URL’s, the rest is up to the tool. Possibly its interface is a bit far from perfect and displaying of data is a bit chaotic but it bring the results. Some time ago I used SAPE webmaster tools – which allowed to check any links, not only purchased at SAPE. Unfortunately, this tool is updated occasionally and do not cope with the current state of SEO affairs. I was looking for a replacement and happily I got it!

The project dashboard features 3 main parts – a filter, task panel and table of backlinks displaying data of links according to applied filter. A project is identified by URL of your website so the tool is automatically trace links to it at every donor page you import. Task panel allows to apply a task to selected links. The most important columns in the table of links are Response code (should be green 200) and Index G (should be green again, if it’s scarlet a link is not in Google index; it’s clickable by the way). You can export links table as XLS file. That’s basically it.

What is exceptionally great is LinkBox features the English interface!

linkbox tool project dashboard

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