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There are SEO agencies which use onlne SEO tools as a method of their website promotion. As a rule these are simple and the most popular tools like check of positions, DA, related keywords etc. Sometimes they even use to offer PRO tariffs say for analyzing 10 keywords instead of 5. As for PixelTools they offer a unique range of 55 tools arranged in 6 groups while only 18 of them require PRO/paid tariff. The rest will work even youк balance is zero though you will be able to run only 264 queries daily and 5000 monthly. Not so little indeed!

As I told the whole treasure is categorized in 6 groups:

  • onsite optimization (website structure, SEO tags, content uniqueness)
  • audit & analytics (positions, competitors, visitor behavior, snippets)
  • semantic core (analysis of keywords, user intent by keywords, search tips, related searches and even Avito search tips)
  • bans/sanctions (alas, only Yandex)
  • backlinks & social signals (VKontakte, Yandex news, UTM tags generator)
  • technical optimization (subdomains, speed of loading and size of document, Xml sitemap)

Alas again, the tools are targeted at Russian audience so UI may feature overseas countries in Russian or English, it may be a city or a country. Besides separate tools PixelPlus offers its integrated version called Projects. You add your website, target search engine+region and keywords and the system generates website/competitors audit filled with in-depth growth hacks and tips. Anyway, that’s what they told you at the home page when you authorize the very 1st time. Sorry, if you do not speak Russian…

The result can be downloaded in CSV format (its encoding is UTF-8 or CP1251) though on screen tables are neat and quite readable. Unfortunately the most popular tools have the PRO status (include collecting Yandex Wordstat data about traffic by a keyword, analyzing XML sitemap or SERP by keyword). By the way the most disappointing results was related with English keywords, especially as for user intent analysis.

Finally, PixelPlus indulge its users with very informative (mostly featuring very hot topics) newsletters they send biweekly.

SERP by keyword screen - pixel tools
SERP by keyword (up to top250

PS The most used module as of today is Requirements for Copy Writer (RCW). It does as much as analysis of SERP by specific keyword (or a cluster of keywords) and provide LSI/thematic terms plus highlighted terms and exact entries. Alas, for free Yandex only is available though a region may be any. I already used RCW data for optimization of English pages of a website targeted at the UK – and Google positions jumped immediately! I started to think hard about buying a cheapest PRO plan for a month to check out is there any difference between LSI for Yandex and Google… (%

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