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There are a simple SEO tools like FEI website penalty indicator or Allpositions ru. There are even a sets of simple SEO tools like ReviewTools or Topvisor. I reviewed them all in my earlier posts. But as for premium SEO tools they are established as a means of gathering the target SEO-related traffic (like Megaindex or Pixeltools). They are really useful. One of them is Mangools.

They based at Bratislava, Slovakia. I haven’t received the confirmation email and a support guy activated my account manually just in a couple of minutes. The list of featured tools is as follows:

  1. KWFinder (trial limit is 5 searches)
  2. SERPWatcher – SERP by a domain in a certain region (10 trackings)
  3. SERPChecker – SERP by a keyword in a certain region/country/even city! (5 SERP’s)
  4. LinkMiner (2000 backlinks)
  5. SiteProfiler (5 websites)

SERPWatcher performs its analysis in a couple of minutes providing position by a keyword and traffic volume by regions specified plus estimated visits per month (EV). The data can be imported in csv or copied in a clipboard.
It only takes a few seconds for SERPChecker to display the collected data – link profile strength – a custom Mangools metric, DA, PA, CF, TF etc.! The 2ndary tab allows to see the snapshot of SERP. Except CSV the snapshot can be saved as an image. Keyword difficulty is calculated as well. You will know even SERP Features Impact value (how snippets, panels, people also asks etc. will influence on organic results engagement).
LinkMiner is as instant as SERPChecker. Besides data on backlinks such as donor URL+title, CF, TF, number of external links, HREF path, anchor text and link strength it collects the similar metrics for a target domain. It’s only takes a moments to figure out an irrelevant anchor text or a donor domain to disavow a wrong link and improve your website ranking. All/New/Lost tabs and do/not follow, active/deleted filter look like not working for a trial user.
SiteProfiler provides aggregated data on a domain grouped in 4 sections: overview (DA, PA, CF, TF, referring IP’s, FB shares), backlinks, top content (by referring domains/FB shares) and competitors featuring 12 domains.
Finally, KWFinder will provide you with keyword ideas just like Google Ads Keyword Planner. Alas, among 10 provided I have found only 2 relevant ones. Though I found a chart with monthly searches/trends quite informative and mind-opening.
Remarkably, Mangools re-invented Keyword SEO Difficulty. It’s calculated from the Link Profile Strength (LPS) of URLs ranking in the 1st SERP. I always thought it’s SEMRush invention…

By the way the basic plan costs $27 per month while the agency plan is almost 3 times more expensive.

serp watcher data - mangools seo tools
SERPWatcher Data Screen
mangools seo tools serp watcher data
serp checker data - mangools seo tools
SERPChecker Data Screen
mangools seo tools serp checker data
kwd finder data - mangools seo tools
KWFinder Data Screen
mangools keyword finder data

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