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SEO is always deals with tons of data. Keywords, traffic stats, backlink data, website meta data, the content and so on. A SEO guy got to collect it all, analyze and invent a way to get a client’s website into Google Top. Do not forget about those numerous reports as well! It’s just impossible without a decent office software – online or standalone. For more than 10 years I load OpenOffice with this huge weight and I like the way it cope with it!

The most frequent task is to filter data by some values, say to exclude the irrelevant keywords. Or to map keywords against website pages. Or to collect keywords data from different sources and combine in in a single spreadsheet. It’s all is up to OpenOffice Calc! Also it’s able to open XML files (though installed Java is required for this).

Reviewing/preparing a piece of content is up to OpenOffice Writer. Checking typos, counting the volume, assessing the number of keywords and LSI phrases, just typing a hit article – no probs with anything. Export to PDF is a very useful feature not available in MS Office (at least in its 2010 version which my wife still use). And I like the combined list of all office documents in Recent files menu too. I always save my documents in xls and doc formats so it looks weird when OO tells me the current document cannot be saved in ODF or ODS format. Fortunately, it happens a couple times a month the most.

OpenOffice core consumes only 65 mBytes of RAM the most while each of its apps require as little as a couple of mBytes. If only you open a huge spreadsheet with million of records (or when saving it) you will see the speed is a bit dropping. I would wait a month or so if they release 4.1.9 version (there was a case like this a couple of years ago due to a severe bug discovered) and then switch to 4.1.8.

openoffice calc SEO data screen - keywords stats+positions

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