OpenOffice 4.1.8 just released

Apache OpenOffice - the great free office software for everyday use

SEO is always deals with tons of data. Keywords, traffic stats, backlink data, website meta data, the content and so on. A SEO guy got to collect it all, analyze and invent a way to get a client’s website into Google Top. Do not forget about those numerous reports as well! It’s just impossible without a decent office software – online or standalone. For more than 10 years I load OpenOffice with this huge weight and I like the way it cope with it!

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Slovojob – a great software for getting Yandex traffic stats.

keycollector logo (tool to collect yandex traffic stats by keyword)

As you may know it’s not easy to obtain exact Google traffic stats by a keyword. Fortunately as for Yandex it is much more easier. The process is quite similar to Google Ads, though Yandex advertisement platform called Direсt (Директ) – that is where traffic stats gathered. One of the best tools allowing to collect Yandex Direсt data is called KeyCollector. It’s free version called SlovoJob.

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